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Detergent Services, Inc. offers a robust selection of warewashing equipment for sale or lease. DSI provides full service on all leased and owned equipemt. DSI also offers a full line of cleaning, floor care, house keeping, kitchen cleaning, and hand cleaning products. We use the latest dispensing technology. t meet

Full Service:


  • Machine Leasing

    • Conveyors - High temp and low temp solutions

    • Single and double low temp dish machines

    • Undercounter / Bar dish machines

    • Pot and Pan washers

  • Full line of dispensing equipment to meet your needs

  • Full product line to meet each customers individual needs


Floor Care

  • Complete floor care program for all types of floors

    • Heavy duty cleaners

    • Neutral cleaners

    • Slip resistant floor cleaner


House Keeping

  • Odor control

  • Bathroom cleaners

  • All-purpose cleaners

  • Glass cleaner‚Äč

Kitchen Cleaners

  • General purpose cleaners/degreasers

  • Heavy duty degreasers

  • Pot and pan detergents

  • Oven cleaners

  • Sanitizers/disinfectants

  • Bathroom cleaners

  • Glass cleaners

  • Floor cleaners


  • Products and chemicals to handle any size laundry from large commercial properties, hotels, clubs, and restaurants  

  • Specializing in fast load times and higher production rates while achieving the highest level of cleanliness


Hand Care

  • Anti-bacterial 

  • Lotion soaps

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Full line of dispensers for any location