Chemical Precision & Productivity

Dispensers for Sinks, Laundry, Housekeeping

If you want to improve productivity and safety in your laundry operation or commercial kitchen, accurate chemical dispensing is critical. Our laundry dispensing solutions are intended for OPL operations in hotels, motels, industrial plants, and hospitals. Three-sink dispensing ensures precise chemical dosing for professional kitchen cleaning and sanitation. Whether you’re in foodservice, hospitality, or institutional cleaning, DSI carries reliable dispensing equipment for all of your cleaning needs.

DSI 4-Pump Laundry Dispenser

Dispense up to 8 chemicals in your machines with our revolutionary 4-Pump expandable on-premise laundry dispenser. Suitable for both intelligent and non-intelligent washing machines up to 75 lbs, it can be used in relay mode or with a formula select programmer. This dispenser accurately measures and dispenses detergents and processing chemicals into the wash wheel in precise dosages, saving time and labor.

  • Accurate measurement with no wasted chemicals
  • Three manifold outputs to safely filter various chemicals
  • Dose up to 8 chemicals
  • Full range of accessories to suit your installation

Viking Pro 3 Warewash Dispenser

Dispense up to two warewash chemicals with the Viking Pro III chemical pump for solid /powder detergent and liquid rinse aid. Use with high temperature dishmachines to dispense both detergent and rinse aid. The probe-controlled dispenser accurately doses warewash chemicals into your dishmachine for clean, sanitized ware, pots and pans, and utensils. Use with DSI brand warewash chemicals for best results.

  • Use with pot and pan washer, rack or tray washer, and high temp dishmachines
  • Can be ordered with two internal transformers, one internal transformer and a pressure switch, or as an external transformer unit
  • 0.125 – 0.75 ounce dispensing per minute
  • Can accept 110V, 208V, or 240V connections

DEMA Pro-Fill 1 651GAP Single Product Sink Dispenser

Use the exact right amount of warewash chemical in your 3-sink compartment with the DEMA ProFill 1 651GAP Dispenser. The ProFill 1 Dispenser dilutes warewash detergent and sanitizer with water for proper chemical dilutions with the turn of a valve. Use no more and no less than you need for clean, sanitized ware. Durable stainless steel cover includes space for product labeling and operating instructions. Dispenser offers the benefit of added employee safety, minimizing chemical handling.

  • Dispenses one chemical / designed for a single water source
  • Action gap backflow device ensures consistent, simple operation
  • 4 gallons per minute flow rate
  • Dilution ratio: 1:7 to 1: 1090
  • Prevents backflow of dirty water into clean water supply

DEMA 66.151 GAP.2 8-Bottle "Mixing Center" Housekeeping Dispenser

Accurately dilute janitorial chemicals with the DEMA 8-Bottle Blend Center. Single and dual fill ports for 1-8 products for bottle fill, bucket fill or both bottle and bucket fill. Single units are bottle or bucket fill and have a selector for up to 4 products or dilutions. Dual units can be either bottle fill, bucket fill or both,and have 1-2 selectors for up to 8 products or dilutions. Low flow, 1 gpm (4L / min.) for bottle filling or high flow, 4 gpm (15 L / min.) for bucket filling. Bottle filling is activated with a positive ON/OFF push button and bucket filling has an optional LOCK ON fill feature. Units are available with DEMA Action Gap or Air Gap back flow preventers and with or without locking enclosures.